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  • 25,000 INR / Year

Karjat CIty

Karjat is a city located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. As a driver in Karjat, your main responsibility would be to transport people or goods from one place to another safely and efficiently.

Some common job duties of a driver in Karjat may include:

Operating a vehicle safely and obeying traffic laws and regulations.
Maintaining a clean and tidy vehicle at all times.
Loading and unloading goods or passengers as required.
Planning and following the most efficient routes for transportation.
Ensuring that the vehicle is regularly maintained and serviced.
Reporting any incidents or accidents that occur while on the job.
Communicating with passengers or clients in a professional and courteous manner.
Some additional requirements for a driver job in Karjat may include:

A valid driver’s license for the type of vehicle being driven.
Good knowledge of the roads and traffic conditions in the area.
Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends if required.
Good communication skills in the local language and possibly in English as well.
Physical fitness and the ability to lift heavy objects if necessary.
Good customer service skills, especially if working with passengers.
A clean driving record and no history of accidents or traffic violations.
Overall, a driver job in Karjat can be a rewarding career for those who enjoy working independently, are responsible, and have a passion for driving.

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